Attractive Room Ideas For Young Boys And Girls

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Kids’ rooms are a place of wonder. A place where they can be themselves, express their individuality, and have fun. They’re also usually quite small — it’s not easy to get enough space for all the things that kids need! So how do you make the most of your child’s room? How do you create an environment where they’ll feel happy and comfortable spending time? This article will give you some room ideas for making your child’s space attractive.

Find a color scheme that is age-appropriate

Create an environment that has plenty of space to play with toys and friends

Include storage solutions for bedrooms so rooms don’t look cluttered or messy

Choose colors and textures that are soothing for children’s eyesight

Use practical ways to store clothes and shoes

Add a desk for doing homework or drawing pictures

Include entertainment centers with televisions, computers, and games

Limit the number of electronic toys children has access to at one time

Add age-appropriate lighting fixtures

Create zones in rooms for specific purposes

Keep furniture away from windows

Make sure doors can be locked securely

Label everything including light switches, cabinets, drawers, etc.

Don’t overload electrical sockets

Secure all glass surfaces

Keep emergency medical information readily available

Show children how and when to call 911

Ensure everyone knows what to do if there’s a fire

Avoid hanging wall art or posters above beds

Don’t hang cords above beds

Label all medication

Store medications out of reach

Use childproof latches for cabinets that contain dangerous items

Use baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs

Install window guards on all windows

Keep playpens away from open windows

Use safety covers on electrical outlets

Make sure cars are parked in a safe location

Place house numbers by the door

Avoid using cell phones while driving

Teach children never to talk to a stranger

Don’t talk to strangers

Teach children what to do if they get lost

Show children staff uniforms at stores so they know who is allowed near them

Practice “stranger danger” scenarios regularly

Educate kids about online predators

Keep an eye out for warning signs

Room Ideas for girls

A vase with a clock on a table

Girls also have very specific, different needs for their spaces. Girls are often more sensitive to changes in their environment, so parents need to be very careful when changing the appearance of a girl’s room.

Some themes that may work well for boys might not work as well for girls, and vice versa.

Some options for decorating girls’ rooms include:

Dressing up the bed with attractive bedding (e.g., pretty sheets and quilts)

Adding flowers to vases on the dressers or nightstands (or painting flowers on the walls)

Hang framed photos of her friends or family above her desk or dresser (or create a collage of family photos using a photo printing machine)

Putting her favorite stuffed animals on a shelf in her room (or hanging them from the ceiling using string and paper clips)

Adding decorative pillows to the bed (e.g., heart or flower shaped ones)

Hanging long, bright curtains over the windows (instead of blinds/shades)

Painting one wall in different colors than the other walls (e.g., pink and purple if she likes those colors; blue and yellow if she prefers those)

Arranging furniture into a cozy reading nook next to a window with comfortable chairs and lamps

Decorating her walls with posters of musicians or singers that she admires

Painting her ceiling a different color from the walls or putting glow-in-the-dark stars on it

Room ideas for boys

A little boy that is sitting on top of a wooden table

Some options for decorating young boys’ rooms include:

Putting up posters of favorite sports players or other celebrities on his wall(s)

Arranging furniture near the television so he can sit comfortably while watching TV (or playing video games)

Hanging long curtains over the windows instead of blinds/shades

Covering one wall in his room with a large collage of photos of him and his friends (or family members)

Creating an interesting bookshelf where he can keep his favorite books and also decorate them with souvenirs from different places he has visited

Adding various sports balls to the room (e.g., soccer ball, football, baseballs, water polo ball)

Putting up a wall-mounted dartboard or putting together a foosball table for extra fun in the room

The color palette for girls’ and boys’ rooms

I don’t think that you should just go with the stereotypical colors for girls’ and boys’ rooms, pink and blue. My preference while going through room ideas would be for something more neutral like lavender, light green, or light purple. You can also do more of a color theme with those colors as well, such as orange and lavender (not too common, but it works).

What if you don’t want to go the color route at all? For girls, one idea might be to focus on girly patterns and textures like lace or ruffles. If this is your daughter’s room, you could still make her comfortable by letting her choose bedding that she likes. Same ideas for boys: they may like sports stuff like pennants and signed baseballs. Have fun with it!

Wall art ideas for girls’ and boys’ rooms

Wall art is a great way to spruce up any room and bring it to life with color and imagery. Consider the age of the child for this endeavor so you know what kind of mood you’re aiming for: cartoons and bold colored panels for younger children; sophisticated and artistic prints or paintings on canvas or framed on panels for older kids (or even adults). Put some thought into the effect you’re going to create before placing any type of artwork wherever on the wall. Allow enough space between items so it doesn’t feel like they are all clustered together, as well as give their eyes some time to adjust after focusing on something too long, such as reading or watching TV.

Rugs and carpets for children’s rooms

Carpet and rugs can be a great way to bring warmth and texture into a child’s room, as well as make it feel even larger than it is. Consider getting one that has their favorite characters or scenes; sports; nature scenes; cityscapes; name it! If they like certain colors, such as pink (girls) or blue (boys), try to incorporate those colors in the design of the rug or carpet. You might even want to go out on a limb with bolder designs if your kid wants something edgy. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s durable and will last well beyond this stage of your child’s life. After all, this is to imagine they’ll be living with for a few years to come!

Bring the outdoors in through your windows

As you probably know by now, it’s important to make sure that rooms are not too dark or dreary. This is especially true if the child will be spending time here reading or doing homework. Make sure some light can enter by using blinds, drapes, or curtains on their window(s). An even better idea would be to use sheers instead of heavy fabric so that they let plenty of natural sunlight filter into the room naturally — just another way to bring warmth and brightness without having to turn on an electrical appliance.

Keep furniture simple:

There are so many fun ways to decorate furniture with your child’s favorite colors or things they are passionate about, but it’s important that these items have the right balance. If you can’t see any of them when getting into bed, for example, then you’re using too much stuff! Make sure that whatever is on top of or around their furniture makes sense and doesn’t look messy or unstable. If they have a lot of toys in their room that have nowhere to go except on the floor, then try getting storage baskets that slide underneath beds; toy boxes; bookshelves; etc.

Hang up photos:

Photos can be a wonderful way to bring memories into your room and keep your kids happy with your transition from one home (or bedroom) to another. Just make sure they are hung up straight, not crooked like some funny joke (even if it’s slightly). For older teens, consider getting a collage for them for this purpose — or even having one done by their friends; family; etc. It’s always nice to be reminded of the good times you’ve had around your loved ones!


In conclusion, we hope that you will find this article helpful in your quest to dress up the bedroom of either a young boy or girl. Remember to keep it bright and colorful with plenty of space for sleepovers and time alone reading books!

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