How to Choose the Best Closet System

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Closet systems are systems usually consisting of drawers, shelves, hooks, rods, and other storage accessories like shoe racks and jewelry cases. A closet system is also an easy way to streamline your closet setup while carving out an organized home for each item you want to store. It is one of the most economical ways to increase the available space in a bedroom, bathroom or any room with a need for extra storage. Here’s how a closet system can help you organize your clutter…

Hanging Rods:Hanging rods are the most widely used closet systems, but they are inadequate when it comes to packing your clothes away. Hanging rods are large, cumbersome pieces of furniture that can take up valuable floor space and may be unsafe if used the wrong way. A good system will utilize non-skid mounting brackets, which allow you to hang your rods in a way that is most stable. You will want to select a variety of lengths for hanging rods, since shorter hanging rods tend to sag.

An Overview

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Shelf Systems:A great many closet systems are actually comprised of shelves. Most of us utilize two-shelf rods, which hold flat or hinged shelves on either side. The shelves provide a place to store folded clothing, linens, shoes and accessories. A popular type of closet design utilizes open shelves along one wall, which provide a great deal of storage space for shoes, handbags and other items. It also has the advantage of allowing visitors to peek into your personal space.

Laminate Systems:Laminate closet systems provide a quick and simple way to improve the overall look of your storage units. These products come pre-built, so there is no need to assemble them yourself. You simply install the lamination on the existing walls and then snap together the various components, including the shelves and the door and drawer units. Many manufacturers offer a wide range of designs, so finding one to suit your needs should be easy. There are even some models designed to work well with space age dividers and glass panels.

Closetmaid: Many people choose a closet systems that features a built-in closetmaid. This is actually a very nice feature, since it can help to protect clothing from damage and protect the clothes from dust. Many of the closetmaid units are available in wood laminate. These can also be purchased in various colors, so you can coordinate with the color of your other furnishings. If you are going with a wooden laminate unit, you might as well choose one that is painted in the appropriate color.

Choosing the Best Closet System

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Organizer Systems: One of the things that most people said that they liked about organizer systems was that they made it easier to organize items in a small closet. The organizer usually has shelves and drawers which are hinged together with a hanger rod. You hang clothes on the rod and then place the clothes that you want on the shelves or in the drawers. Most of the time, you would have three racks for shirts, pants, or shoes, which makes it much easier to find things. If you are using an organizer system with a shoe organizer, be sure to get one that has enough room for all of your shoes.

Walk-in Closet Systems: Another thing that people said they liked about walk-in closet systems was that they helped to conserve space. Instead of having to line up clothes and shoes and stuff them into a closet system, you just reach in and grab what you need. Some people said that this actually saved them a lot of time because the walk-in closet systems typically have drawers located on both sides of the door.

Wire Shelves: Many people also told us that they liked wire shelves because they are not easily ripped. Wire organizers tend to be made of either wood or metal and they can look very beautiful. We saw many wire closet systems at Wal Mart, but the price can be a bit costly, so sometimes it is better if you could buy something else. Overall, we did not see too many problems with wire organizers, but you should always test them out before buying to make sure that they will work for you.

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