Storage Containers: Top 10 Facts That You Should Know

storage containers

So, have you ever driven past a construction site and noticed large metal dumpsters? Well, those dumpsters are portable storage containers, and in the United States, portable storage is big business. There are a few large Portable Storage companies that make millions off of the business of storage. So, what should you look for if you are interested in storing your personal belongings? This article is meant to help those that are new to renting or even buying storage.

Storage Containers

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Before I begin the checklist, I would like to include the fact that portable storage containers are not self-storage. A lot of people believe that self-storage is the same thing, which it is not. Self-storage, in the long run, is more expensive, and you can’t have your storage space delivered to you or customized to your specifications.

Facts Of Storage Containers

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1. The first thing that comes up is security. In most cases, you’re not going to store something in a storage container that is not important to you. Make sure the storage container you rent has a locking system. Most come with branded locking systems that are company-specific.

2. Storage containers come in 3 sizes. 10′, 20′, and 40′ foot containers are the most common.

3. Make sure the storage container is rust-resistant. Most if not all companies have rust-resistant containers, but you should make sure just in case.

4. The doors are most often overlooked. Well, what is the point of renting a storage container if you can’t open it? Make sure that you ask if they use any type of special fittings or patented technology that makes opening the door easy.

5. Storage containers are customizable. Storage containers can be converted to mobile offices or even classrooms. A converted storage container can be used for extra classrooms, churches, and security offices to watch over construction sites. You can even add air conditioning if you want.

More Facts

6. Storage containers can be delivered to you, or (with most companies) you can store them at their location.

7. If you decide to rent, make sure that your rental agreement lets you bring the container back early. Reading the agreement is important because most companies overbook the container rental.

8. Keep receipts for the rental or sale because they can be used for a tax write-off.

9. Search on the web to see if there are any negative reviews of the company. Customer service is key with rental companies. You have to make sure they have someone that answers the phone fast in case there are any issues with the container rental.

10. Finally, check the condition of the storage container. Make sure it’s in good condition. Check for rust spots, dents, and faulty doors because you can be held responsible for the damage. If there is damage, make sure that you document it, take pictures, and make sure the rental company writes it onto the contract and they have a paper trail of the damage.

Bottom Line

Now that you have the best idea of Portable Storage and the top 10 things to look out for, you should now have a checklist to use and save yourself some headache if you’re renting or buying a storage container.

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