The Most Elegant Space Saving Stair Designs Of The Decade

Space-saving stairs are a wonderful invention for people who want to make the most of their homes or find themselves living in increasingly smaller spaces. And home architects have been coming up with some brilliant space-saving designs over recent years. Most recently a spiral stair design has taken things to an entirely different level and looks nothing less than stunning.

The main problem that homeowners face with space-saving stair designs is that they often look anything but elegant or stylish. They can take away from the appearance of a property and can look like something you might slap together rather than the result of any architectural planning. A number of these staircase designs tend to be on the functional side – let’s call them practical rather than pretty! However, some space saving designs manage to combine the best of both worlds and provide a useful and practical element, while also adding something aesthetically pleasing into the mix. And we’re not just talking about small half-landing staircases!

These do look incredibly stylish and can take up very little space in your home. With these types of briefcase stairs, for example, they fold up neatly when you aren’t using them so there is no added storage or inconvenience to the user – they simply pull down from a cupboard-like area and unfold themselves ready for use. They may cost more than your average staircase but if space is tight then it might be worth paying out for an elegant space saver like this rather than a bulky permanent structure.

These stairs can be created from a variety of metals and materials. The briefcase design above is not only made from wood so it fits in with your flooring but can also be manufactured to match your existing internal doors. Most designs like this aren’t cheap and will start at around £3,000 and go upwards considerably depending on materials and customization (such as extra wooden panels). However, we think they’re certainly worth considering if you want a stylish space-saving staircase that takes up minimal room.

Some stairs design options:

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1. Stairs are a great way to make the most of your space

2. The average stair is about 3 feet wide, which is enough for two people to walk side by side without bumping into each other

3. There are many different ways to design stairs, including straight flights and curved flights with landings in between floors

4. Curved flights can be used as an alternative to spiral staircases or large open spaces that need dividing up into smaller rooms or areas

5. Straight flights work well in homes where there’s not much space for turning around at the top or bottom of the stairs, such as apartments and townhouses

6. Landings provide a midway point on a flight of stairs – they allow people to stop before continuing their journey down the stairs

7. Spiral staircases take up much less space than straight flights of stairs, but they’re not for everyone – some people don’t like having to travel around in circles

8. Maintenance is another key issue when it comes to stairs; spending money on repairs or renovations can be expensive if you already have a lot of steps in your home

9. But even with space at a premium, making the most of all available floor space can add character and style to your home

There are endless options for reconfiguring your living spaces when you combine rooms into one larger room. One common way that homeowners do this is by designing spiral staircases. The staircases offer a simple and stylish solution to dividing up large open spaces. They provide an alternative to heavy, cumbersome doors. Spiral staircases are also a great option if you have children or pets that require a barrier between different areas of your home.

When designing a spiral staircase, there are several things that you will need to think about:

How much space do you have available?

Will the staircase be used as a fire escape?

These questions can help homeowners determine which size and material their new staircase should be made from. For spiral staircases to work properly, they must have at least 4 risers on each side. Larger spirals will have 7-9 risers on each side.

Vertical space in homes today is at a premium. People are looking for ways to maximize that space, while still making sure that the area is functional and practical. Because of this, spiral staircases have become popular options for homeowners who want to create additional living spaces without making drastic changes to their floor plans. Spiral staircases can be placed against walls or enclosed in small alcoves to give them a very streamlined appearance. This allows spiral staircases to go almost unnoticed when people first enter the room. This gives homeowners more flexibility when it comes to choosing which materials they can use on their new staircase. For people to get from one level of the house to another, most designs spiral staircases feature two separate flights of stairs that meet at a common landing. This way, people can travel in either direction and not have to go in circles. Spiral staircases work well in any home, including high-rise apartments with only one level.

Many homeowners today are looking for ways to maximize the space they have available without compromising on style or design. While some homes feature straight flights of stairs, many more incorporate curved or flowing designs into their layouts. These types of staircases use sweeping curves instead of angles and sharp corners to achieve a very sleek look. Straight flights of stairs tend to be more simplistic than spiral staircases and don’t take up nearly as much floor space, which is why they’re so popular in smaller spaces such as townhouses and condos. Spiral staircases can be customized for a variety of home styles. Because the materials are fairly inexpensive, homeowners tend to choose more expensive options when it comes to design. Using marble or glass can make spiral staircases look elegant and modern.

Most Elegant Space-Saving Stair Designs:

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The most elegant space-saving stair designs of the decade are ones that combine with your home’s architecture. Choosing a design for stairs is not just about how it looks, but also what will work best within its environment.

Here are 20 of the most elegant space saving stair designs of the decade:

1. The Natural Stone Modern Staircase:

with its wooden steps and natural stone wall, this design will add a rustic feel to any home while staying true to the modern trend that is prevalent throughout today’s homes.

2. A Contemporary Compact Wooden Spiral Staircase:

This beautiful modern staircase features sleek black flat steps accented with clear glass balustrades – it’s an eye-catching contrast!

3. Columns & Metal Spine:

The metal in this design adds a contemporary touch that is very different from the usual spiral staircase. Just look at how the black metal contrasts with the white tile!

4. A Linear Glass Beam Balustrade:

This modern staircase features glass beams instead of traditional wooden balustrades – it looks great!

5. A Simple Wooden Step with Curved Railing:

These elegant space-saving stair designs of the decade are perfect for any home and will work well within almost all styles of architecture.

6. A Linear, Sophisticated Staircase:

This design features a beautiful, linear metal balustrade that enhances the look of this simple wooden staircase.

7. A Circular Staircase:

Such a fun idea – who knew you could fit such an unusual circular design into your home?

8. Curved Glass Railing:

The glass railing in this modern staircase is sure to enhance almost any home’s decor and is very easy on the eyes as well.

9. Balanced but Bold:

The Contrast at Work Here Makes for a Sophisticated Space Saving Staircase by Dynamic Design Group. A beautiful modern design that is sure to impress!

10. Classic Simplicity of a Minimalist Wooden Staircase:

This simple, classic design provides ample storage for any home and will work well with most styles of architecture.

11. A Smarter Way to Fit a Curved Glass Balustrade:

This elegant space saving stair design of the decade uses a curved glass railing to ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality.

13. Elegant Black Spiral Staircase:

With Glass Railing Helps Bring Modern Sophistication to Any Home Without Crowding the Floor Plan. Beautiful!

14. Elegant Floating Staircase:

Create a Sophisticated Contemporary Home With One of the most elegant space saving stair designs ever!


The most elegant space saving stair designs of the decade are those that offer a minimalistic design with added features. For instance, an open staircase is one such example. It not only saves on floor space but also creates more opportunities for natural light inside your home or office. With these types of stairs, you can enjoy all the benefits without having to sacrifice anything in terms of aesthetics and functionality. If there’s any doubt as to which type would be best suited for your needs, consult an architect first to get their professional opinion before making a final decision.

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