Top Interior Design Ideas For Living Rooms

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

The living room is the so-called heart of a house. When people visit, it is the first room they see. This is also where you and your guest will make the most contact. Because of this, it is important you make the right impression with your living room.

If you are planning to change up the design of your living room, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we list some eye-catching design ideas for you.


Sometimes, a simple decluttering makes all the difference. Throw out all the chairs, tables, and paintings that aren’t being used and just taking up space. One idea for redesigning your living room is to simply simplify.

Stick Neutral Colors

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If you haven’t tried it before, try going for a minimalist approach in designing your living room. Neutral colors and simplicity are two keywords here. Try to get rid of any clashing colors, sticking to plain wallpapers and carpets. Remember, neutral doesn’t have to be dull. Spice it up a bit with a red carpet here or a yellow vase there. The secret lies in not overdoing the loud colors. 

Use Off-white

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Speaking of neutral colors, here’s a suggestion for all you amateur interior designers out there: use off-white. A true white can be too stark and in your face, sometimes. Using off-white will warm the atmosphere of your living room. You can utilize this warming effect in a number of ways like using off-white paint for your walls or using off-white curtains.

Add Something Unexpected

If you are tired of the minimalist color schemes we’ve previously suggested, try adding something unexpected to an otherwise minimalist living room. Maybe a funky carpet, or a colorful table with loud patterns, anything to give a little flair to the room will do. Keep in mind that anything loud you add in a minimalist space will act as a magnet for your visitor’s eyes.

Choose a Bold Wallpaper

If you are going for the anti-minimalist route entirely, try using bold wallpapers. Wallpapers with outrageous shapes and colors are sure to add personality to your room. They will give any room you think too dull a little pop and energy. Of course, unity is still a factor here. So try to make the rest of the room fit with the wallpaper’s loud personality.

Gallery Walls

Everybody likes looking at paintings. Art is, after all, made for people to look at.

Here’s an idea: Why don’t you turn your walls into an art gallery?

Hang works of art that you think fit the theme of your living room. Hang up your college paintings, your son’s drawings, even just art pieces you bought from your local painter. The key here is to introduce a character to your living room through the works of art displayed.

Not to mention that having a wall of art is just an amazing conversation starter. Think of all the houses you’ve visited that had its walls filled with paintings-our guess is that you’ve yet to see one.

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