What To Look For When Selecting A Self Storage Facility

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Self storage is a sector which renting storage space, called “self storage units,” to customers, usually on a temporary basis. Self storage facilities can be rented on a monthly or even yearly basis. Many self storage companies offer storage spaces to large corporations and companies. The term “self storage facility” can vary and is dependent upon the company, the customer, and the facility.

Self Storage Facility Selecting Tips

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Customers can rent a self storage unit for a variety of reasons, including storing their personal belongings, stocks, vehicles, appliances, home and business documents, and furniture. In many cases, these items are not frequently used and therefore, may not be needed every month-to-month. However, customers do have the option to choose additional features for added protection, security, and convenience. These features include alarm systems, 24 hour security monitoring, gated entrances, and various sized and equipped spaces for extra protection. Some facilities are equipped with climate control and temperature controls to accommodate clients’ varying needs.

When choosing a self storage unit, it is important to carefully evaluate the terms and conditions. Before renting, it is important to make sure that you understand what your responsibilities are. Most storage facilities require customers to sign a contract agreeing to pay for their belongings. Once signed, the customer is responsible for any damages to the unit, unless agreed on in writing. In addition, storage facilities may require that a copy of the contract be given to the employee renting the unit.

There are several standard size storage units. There are usually three different sizes of units, the small, medium, and large. Usually, medium-size units are between 100 and 250 sq feet, and are used by businesses. The cost of such a unit is dependent on the square footage, equipment size, and the number of items being stored.

Auto storage facilities are one type of outdoor storage facility. These facilities are often located on the owner’s property, but may be outside the building or in someone’s driveway. Some auto storage facilities have a parking lot. Others are completely off the property, and are run entirely on mobile trucks. In many cases, these facilities are run by an independent private company, though in other cases, there are independent agents that provide services to local businesses. In either case, vehicles can be picked up and returned at any time, depending on the length of the contract.

Most outdoor storage facilities offer a combination of secure vans, lockable aluminum containers, and non-breakable steel enclosures. Most units have loading ramps, so that customers can access their belongings easily without having to walk across the street. Aluminum containers are used because they are easy to carry and break. The company providing the storage facility will usually quote a fee per month for any excess inventory that is left in the storage units. This fee is generally included in the monthly rate.

When considering a vehicle storage facility, it is important to review the facility pages on the internet site. Many online storage facility pages include photographs of the facility, a detailed description, and a phone number. If possible, it is a good idea to call the facility to confirm the information provided.

Vehicle storage facilities even offer drive-up storage. This type of storage unit is similar to a mini garage, and vehicles can be stored inside. They are commonly available in areas with mild winters. Drive-up storage has a number of advantages over drive-in storage. It is considerably cheaper, and the vehicles are protected from the elements.

Many storage facilities rent self-storage units for individuals and families who need temporary protection from bad weather. A garage is ideal for transporting vehicles. A garage can be accessed by a vehicle only if there is an exit door nearby. For people who use garages for storage, this feature helps protect valuable belongings.

There are several types of storage units. Mini garages provide protection from the elements, while larger garage spaces provide extra space. Garage units are perfect for storing valuable or sentimental items, but require additional care when storing fragile items. Regardless of the size of a self-storage facility, renters are encouraged to take proper safety precautions.

End note

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Some facilities provide additional security for renters. Locks, alarms, and cameras are standard features for these facilities. Renters are required to ensure their items are safe and secure when leaving the storage units. A security guard may be called if special conditions apply. Most facilities accept most major forms of payment, including money orders, cash, traveler’s checks, and credit cards.

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